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About Us


‘Chheent’ is a hindi word meaning ‘spotted’, ‘variegated’, ‘ speckled’ , or ‘sprayed’.

“Chheent” is woodblock printed, painted or glazed calico textile, originated in India in the 16th century. The cloth is printed with designs featuring , flowers and other patterns in different colours, typically on a plain light background.

The floral patterns that have held the world in awe for better part of the last millennia, became the first fashion export from India to the world when it was discovered by European traders. This ancient art of hand block printed fabric travelled to the world and became an indelible part of India’s rich textile history. Such was the demand of “Chheent” in England, France and Netherlands that the governments had to enact laws banning “Chheent” in order to protect their own domestic textile industry !!!!

These hand painted cotton fabrics are embedded in the Indian culture, are a part of the folk costume and are immortalised in folk songs. From the resplendent costume of a folk dancer to the exquisitely crafted bed covers and curtains, “Chheent” is the golden thread pervading all walks of life.

The painstakingly made wooden blocks were the labour of love of Highly-skilled craftsmen. The soft fabric and the natural colours infused together to bring out the animated designs.

We at “Chheent” aim to recreate the aura with the same dedication and passion. We try and bring out the best union of
trendy designs and artisans artistry.

“Chheent” is marked by Intriguing patterns, enticing colours and yet a soothing calmness, every bit like the age of innocence of a child.

Manually printed
From our in-house Design and Creative studios to our Each cloth is manually hand printed
Natural colors
We always use natural vegetable colors and chemical free colors, which are non toxic free and healthy for your skin
Best Quality
We aspire to bring into the child’s wardrobe the fabled “Chheent” dresses for the budding saplings that our children are.